The Call to Christian Ministry

In this interview, Derek Thomas provides helpful thoughts for men who are considering the pastoral ministry, wondering if they are called. It also offers encouragement for those already shepherding a congregation.

The video is in a series that Jonathan Masters is doing, similar to the conversation he had with Sinclair Ferguson, released last year. Continue reading

Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

Rosaria Butterfield’s spiritual autobiography, Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, came out last fall, and has already gone through several printings. It has been so widely read not only because of Rosaria’s unusual story, but also because the book is a wake-up call to churches and individual Christians living in the west. Before her conversion, Rosaria functioned with a firm stereotype of what Christians were like, what they believed and how they lived. When that was shattered by a Reformed Presbyterian pastor, they were able to become friends; Rosaria could see Christ’s love in Christ’s people. She speaks more about that experience and her conversion in this new interview with Marvin Olasky: Continue reading

Street Preaching

A friend just passed along this great youtube video of a street preacher in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina on New Years Eve, 2012.

It made me wonder… For all the conferences and coalitions, for all the togetherness around the gospel there is in evangelical and Reformed communities, what would the vitality of the church be like, how much more would God be glorified in the West and around the world, if we grew in simply taking up or purposely creating opportunities to speak the Word of God to friends, neighbors, and communities? Continue reading

Feeling, Thinking

The clip below, from The Iron Lady, is spoken in a political context. But I couldn’t help thinking that if I thought more than I felt in relationships, it would be for the better. Not to feel less, but to have that feeling governed by thought: to feel pity, then think what I can do to help; to feel irritation in a disagreement, then think of a solution; to feel hurt at an insult, then think of how to help the other person; to be grateful for kindness, then think of ways to encourage.

But this principle would also help my spiritual life: Continue reading

Pray for Pakistan

Pakistan remains a land of tremendous gospel need. The spiritual darkness of false religion, violence, corruption, and persecution surround the small evangelical and Reformed church as a daily reality in this beautiful land.

How can we both aid the spread of the gospel, and strengthen the Christian church in Pakistan? Pray. Pray that faithful evangelists would be multiplied within, and that many would be called to missionary service in Pakistan. Continue reading