House Fire, Burn Ward, Blessing

IMG_5588 Last month my parents were visiting us when the police called them, from their home phone. There had been a fire at their house; their youngest son, still living at home, his friend, and my mother’s father had all been hospitalized. My brother had been badly burned on his hand and foot rescuing my grandfather and trying to put out the fire. When the police called, he was on his way by ambulance to a burn unit in a larger city; surgeons would operate on him as soon as possible.

That sort of news, and its implications, is difficult to process out of the blue. It’s over the past few weeks that we’ve been able to see the situation more clearly. As we look back, some things stand out clearly—the good, the bad, and the beautiful.
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Being and Counseling Job

Job — it is a book which I’ve always wrestled to understand, one I had a hard time reading, aside from the first and last few chapters. In a recent post on devotional reading I commended using good commentaries. With the help of one of these in hand I’ve come to see with new clarity that Job richly reveals grace and mercy. It reveals God intimately knowing and understanding us, and those around us, in our deepest valleys of trial, suffering, and spiritual struggle.
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