David to Nero

One of the beautiful things about Scripture is that it is so comprehensive. Not only does it address every area of life by precept or implication, but it is also thorough as it does so. In guiding Christians in their relationship with political authority, the Bible could not be more clear what our responsibilities are. Regardless of the type of government, the influence or ability of the citizen, or the character of the ruling authority, Christians are to do three things: not put their trust in political leadership; respect political leadership; and pray for political leadership.

Don’t hope in them: David was the best king that Israel ever had. It would have been easy for Jews living under his rule to put their trust in David’s military prowess, his love for the country, and his devotion to the Lord. Here was a man to be trusted – a man after God’s own heart! Continue reading

Politics is Worldview

My apologies to anyone who is weary with another American election cycle and flinched at seeing the topic on this normally politics-free blog. But when I saw the Obama campaign’s ad, “The Life of Julia,” I thought a couple things that I wanted to share.

First, given that the political right accuses the Obama administration of Big Brother approaches to government, it is disturbing that the media people for the Democrats chose to name the woman in the scenario “Julia”. 1984, anyone? But perhaps it was just a Freudian slip.

The main thing that struck me again in the different slides in the ad was that here again is the lie of feminism bearing fruit: “We don’t want our fathers or husbands and certainly not male church leaders taking care of us!” Enter male president. Continue reading


Imagine that you are forced to live in a foreign country – one ruled by an absolute dictator. You have a niece, whom you have raised as your own child, and she is your only family. One day, the dictator’s thugs arrive and take her off to the palace, putting her in the dictator’s harem without reference to you. They give her beauty treatments for a year before the king violates her, then decides to make her his queen.
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