James Gilmour of Mongolia

Gilmour_in_Chinese_DressOriginally from outside of Glasgow, Gilmour (1843–1891) decided to dedicate his life to bringing the gospel to the people of Mongolia. His giftedness and zeal were evident to his friends in college, and some were surprised that he would choose to work in obscurity in a physically difficult place. From his base in Peking (Beijing), Gilmour repeatedly went into Mongolia with little equipment, encouragement, few or no companions, but strong conviction:

“I have been thinking lately over some of the inducements we have to live for Christ, and to confess Him and preach Him before men, not conferring with flesh and blood. Why should we be trammelled by the opinions and customs of men? Continue reading

What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

Vanuatu_blondeThe following article is a guest contribution by Peter Kemeny, pastor of Good News Presbyterian Church in Frederick, Maryland. It first appeared in the March issue of the church newsletter and is reprinted here with permission.

The Bible is unyielding in its claim that Christ’s work on the cross is God’s only provision for the salvation of sinners. Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). Peter preached, “There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). Paul wrote, “there is one mediator between God and men” (I Timothy 2:5). Continue reading

A Page from the Past

Lord’s day, August 25. –Preached in the forenoon from Luke xv. 3-7. There being a multitude of white people present, I made an address to them at the close of my discourse to the Indians; but could not so much as keep the [whites] orderly. Scores of them kept walking and gazing about, and behaved more indecently than any Indians I ever addressed. A view of their abusive conduct so sank my spirits, that I could scarcely go on in my work.

In the afternoon discoursed from Revelation iii.20. The Indians behaved seriously, though many others were vain. Afterwards baptized twenty-five of the Indians, fifteen adults and ten children. Most of the adults I hope are really renewed; and there was not one of them but what I entertained some hopes of in that respect… Continue reading

A Gospel History

One of the amazing things about the gospel is that will come to, and be effective in every tribe and tongue. Sometimes it comes slowly, through pain and persecution, but by the Spirit it triumphs wherever it goes (Rev. 5:9). In this video, which begins with a story strikingly similar to Jim Elliot’s, we are privileged to see one of the amazing ways in which God is expanding His kingdom of glorious light:

Seven Rules for Daily Living

There was a twentieth century Canadian missionary to China named Jonathan Goforth. Aside from having the best last name a missionary could possibly have, he had seven rules for daily living that he followed to grow spiritually and be fruitful in the field:

1. Seek to give much. Expect nothing.
2. Put the very best construction on the actions of others. Continue reading