Reasons To Get Married In School

snowy hugGetting married during school is a multi-generational tradition in my family. Grandpa started it: many aunts, uncles, and siblings on both sides have also made it a habit. So we have heard all the usual objections: “You’re too young;” “It’s financially unwise;” “You won’t finish your degree;” “Babies will end your career before you can start it;” and so on. Some people have assumed that the weddings must be shotgun weddings — why else would you get married before you have a degree and a job? Others think that parents will indulge and provide financial support until there is enough money for a nice house. A few think that home must have been a horrible place for us to make such a reckless choice. Continue reading

Gillespie Academy

IMG_3618If you walk into Grace Presbyterian Church on a weekday morning, you will find a handful of students in their late teens (some who live in apartments above the sanctuary) furiously taking notes at long tables in the fellowship hall. They face a smart board, and there will likely be a pastor standing in front of it, lecturing. What is going on? Gillespie Academy is in session.

The academy is a one year, post-secondary programme of study “designed to prepare students for university, future employment, or the building of a Christian home”. Typically, students attend in the year after high school in order to build and buttress a solid intellectual and spiritual framework that many Christian young people lack when heading to university or a secular workplace. Continue reading