IMG_5823 You may have noticed that it’s been a while since anything new showed up here. Over the past couple months, other things have taken precedent over blogging. Also over the past couple months, we’ve realized that this will have to be a long-term thing.

We have come to a point where children, work, church, and book projects are taking up pretty much all waking hours, which are intruding on our non-waking hours. In this season of life, something had to give, and that is blogging. Tim Challies (with the advice and support of his elders) recently stepped down from full-time pastoral work in order to make time for the blog which he runs so well and faithfully. Blogging takes hours of thought and typing time: we cannot sustain it and fulfill our other callings at present.

A few years ago, we went from blogging every day, to blogging once a week. Now, there will be a rare piece popped up occasionally, but aside from that, The Christian Pundit will be “closed”—still up and open to searches, but nothing regular happening.

We are thankful for the privilege of our readership; it’s been a blessing for us to have feedback from so many people around the world. Now you can go check out challies.com for daily links and helpful thoughts on the Christian life. It doesn’t look like he’ll be closing shop any time soon.