New Banner Books and Giveaway

The Banner of Truth has some good things out this month:

The_Mouth_of_God Sinclair Ferguson’s latest is now out. From the Mouth of God: Trusting, Reading and Applying the Bible is the first fruits of Ferguson’s retirement from full time pastoral ministry. The book discusses how the Bible as we know it came into being, why we should trust it, and how our lives will look different as a result: “Why the Bible? The brief answer is that Christians believe God communicates through the Bible. He reveals himself in its pages, speaks in its sentences and does so in order to bring us to trust, know, and love him. Through the Bible God makes himself known to us, just as we make our thoughts and plans known to others through the words we speak. To change the metaphor, it acts as the lens through which we begin to see who he is, what he has done for us, and what his will is for our lives. As a result we come to know him for ourselves and to know ourselves better” (p. 4).

confessing_faith There is also a guide to the Westminster Confession: Confessing the Faith. Known for his 5 volumes of Westminster Assembly minutes, VanDixhoorn gives us a lay-person’s tour of the Confession with this commentary. I’m told that the book is almost out of stock, so you’ll have to hurry if you want one from the first printing: “In my mind, the typical evangelical ‘creed’ is in fact too small, and not sufficiently theological. It should not be enough for the evangelical movement to enjoy buoyant moments in the political sphere. We must be able to analyse and respond to powerful currents within our culture that undermine the church and the Christian faith. One part of our response must be to deepen the faith of leaders and laity in evangelical churches. As I see it, the church needs to experiment with theological maximalism in place of its current witness to minimalism if we are to maintain a faithful witness to Christ in our generation. A dozen doctrinal points on a website is probably inadequate for the church’s thriving, for its mission not only to evangelize but also to teach the nations. This creed from Westminster holds out a large faith for us to own, a welcome view of the triune God and his work, and an unusually robust statement of the gospel of Christ. I hope readers will consider carefully the commentary, but especially the confession, and discover that the good news this book celebrates is not too good to be true.” – from the Preface

e-booksEbooks are the Banner’s newest project. Some of their best sellers were first in this format, including The Valley of Vision, and titles by Spurgeon, Owen, and Bunyan.

To win a free copy of From the Mouth of God, courtesy of the Banner of Truth, send us an e-mail and we’ll draw a random winner. Deadline is midnight this Friday.