True Courage

moses-michelangelo“Meekness is commonly despised by the great men of the age as cowardice and meanness, and the evidence of a little soul, and is posted accordingly. But the most furious and angry revenge is celebrated and applauded under the pompous names of valour, honour, and greatness of spirit.

This arises from a mistaken notion of courage… True courage is such a presence of mind as enables a man rather to suffer than to sin, to choose affliction rather than iniquity, to pass by an affront though he lose by it, and be hissed as a fool and coward, rather than engage in a sinful quarrel. He that can deny the brutal lust of anger and revenge, rather than violate the royal law of love and charity (however contrary the sentiments of the world may be), is truly resolute and courageous…

When our Lord Jesus is described in his Majesty, riding prosperously, the glory in which he appears is, “truth, meekness, and righteousness”. The courage of those who overcome this great red dragon of wrath and revenge by meek and patient suffering, and not by loving their lives unto death, will turn to the best and most honourable account on the other side of the grave, and will be crowned with glory and honour and immortality.” – adapted from Matthew Henry’s Discourse on Meekness and Quietness of Spirit.