It Matters Whom You Marry, Book Version

it-matters-whom-you-marry When we posted the article, “It Matters Whom You Marry,” a couple years ago, we were amazed to see it reach millions of readers all over the world. It was reblogged dozens of times and translated into several languages (Portuguese, Hungarian, Bosnian, and others). On Monday, Christian Focus Publications will release the book version in the U. S.: Your Future Other Half: It Matters Whom You Marry. Here is a taste from the introduction:

“A guy once told me that Jane Austen novels were just well-written harlequins without the bedroom scenes. He meant that the basic plots follow the same pattern that all romance novels seem to: girl wants true love, looks for it, has one or two emotional mishaps, finds true love. But Austen’s novels actually contain many more dysfunctional relationships than healthy ones: for every Lizzie and Mr. Darcy, there is a Charlotte and Mr. Collins or a Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. For every Jane and Mr. Bingley there is a Wickham and Lydia or a Mr. and Mrs. Hurst. Sadly, the novels are true to real life. Our world is full of unhappy marriages; more people live unhappily ever after than otherwise.

This is even true in some Christian communities. Unfortunately, single believers are often less diligent and perceptive than Lizzie Bennett in evaluating potential spouses. While this book does not want to give you a checklist for your relationship, it does aim to encourage you to think about marriage in such a way that you will be able to make a wise and biblically informed decision about the person that you marry. Apart from salvation, no other decision will have such an impact on your life.”

The book follows the same outline as the blog post, looking at the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and relational impact that marriage can have on a woman. There are also additional chapters on love, examining ourselves as women, and an appendix with resources and study questions.

“In a world that focuses more on throwing a wedding than building a marriage, Rebecca VanDoodewaard provides excellent wisdom and insight to help women carefully consider the type of spouse they hope to marry. With kindness and truth woven together, she unpacks the long-term mental, emotional, physical and spiritual impact of marriage. This book is a valuable and much-needed resource for women.” Melissa Kruger, author, The Envy of Eve, Charlotte, North Carolina.

“If you are a single woman, this may be the most important book you read this year. Rebecca VanDoodewaard writes with clarity, brevity, conviction and passion on an area of the Christian life that many overlook until it is too late. Heed the warnings in this book, be fortified by its encouragements, and give an ear to its sound biblical advice. As a pastor in a university church, I would place this book in the hands of every single young woman I could. And as a father, this is a book that I will ask my daughter to prayerfully read from cover to cover.” Jason Helopoulos, author, Assistant Pastor at University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan.

“Finally, a book for the woman wondering if she has found the right man for a life-long commitment. In Your Future ‘Other Half’: It matters whom you marry, a woman will find ways to look into a man’s heart before she entrusts hers completely to him at the altar. Rebecca VanDoodewaard offers wise counsel to help women make a biblically informed decision, because whom you marry really
does matter! Every chapter offers solid biblical ways to pursue intimacy with insightful questions about a man’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and relational capacities. I think the study questions at the end should be required of all couples coming for pre-marriage counsel! They will help couples think through both the internal and external dimensions of their life together. This book is a must-read for any woman thinking about marriage, in a marriage now, or helping others towards a life-long biblical romance that echoes the love of Christ for His Bride and her joyous ‘Yes!’ to Him. Buy it! Read it! Use it! I know I will.” Jani Ortlund, author, Executive Vice President of Renewal Ministries Franklin, Tennessee.