The Beauty and Glory of the Father

beauty-and-glory “It is Christ’s delight, as well as His sovereign ministry and mission, to redeem and save men, women, and children from sinful alienation to new birth, to new life as sons of the Father. He brings us to know the Father–just as He does by His Word in 1 Peter.

It is this connection to the Father by and in Christ that Peter goes on to declare to us as the people of God in the latter part of verse 3: “God the Father has begotten us [or caused us to be born again] by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” Our new birth, our new life as children of God, is the result of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

You who are mothers know by experience, and fathers by seeing, that giving birth is costly. It is a tremendous sacrifice of life energy and effort. It is painful and hard–agonizing. Birth involves suffering and shedding blood. This is perhaps one of the closest illustrations of the costliness of being born again.

God the Father, who has caused us to be born again, did so knowing that rebirthing and adopting us would not be cheap. It was infinitely more costly than any human birth. We were bought with the price of the lifeblood, the wrath-bearing sufferings to death of the eternal, only begotten Son of the Father! As believers, we are birthed to new life through the agony of Christ’s sufferings: His bloodshed.”

This excerpt is from a chapter that my husband contributed to the new volume, The Beauty and Glory of the Father (Reformation Heritage Books, 2013) available through Reformation Heritage Books or Amazon. Other contributors include Derek Thomas, Ryan McGraw, and Joel Beeke. The book is a collection of the talks given at the 2012 Puritan Reformed Theology Conference.