How Prayer Impacts Lives

how-prayer-impacts-lives“Prayer has impacted my life more than I know. God has used prayer so pivotally to change me that I can only see part of it right now. But even the part that I can see is substantial.

He has used the prayers of my grandparents in my life. All four of them lifted me up before the Throne before I was born, pleading for my safe arrival in this world and a faithful pilgrimage to the next. Three of them still remember me daily in prayer, as they watch a granddaughter walk through stages of life that they mastered decades ago. This is so humbling. A praying grandparent is a powerful person.

God has used the prayers of my parents in my life. They also started praying for me before I was born, but prayed with greater fervency once I arrived – I was a difficult child! God answered their prayers and saved me from His wrath against my sin for the sake of Christ’s atonement. God was faithful to hear the pleas of believing parents. And they not only prayed for me, but also with me, teaching me to come often before God in prayer, bringing thanks and needs to Him as they arose. These patterns of prayer have continued as I grew up and left their home. The influence of my parents’ early instruction will continue for life.

God has used the prayers of my husband in my life. Before I knew he was interested in me, he was praying for me. On our second date, he began praying with and for me. To hear him praise God for me and intercede for me day after day, and to be able to do the same for him, has given our marriage a stability and security that it would not otherwise have. I know that he loves my soul in a deep way, expressed in his prayers for me. Praying for a spouse is one of the biggest ways to care for their soul.”

This excerpt is from a chapter that my wife contributed to the excellent new book How Prayer Impacts Lives: 41 Christians and their Conversations with God (Christian Focus, 2013) available at Christian Focus and at Amazon. Authors include John Piper, Dorothy Patterson, David Searle, David Robertson, Patrick Sookhdeo, and many others from a variety of walks of life. These testimonies are a great encouragement in this vital part of Christian life.