Time to Pray

220px-Greenwich_clockI’m not very good at praying. I need help not just with content, but also with making time to pray. Over the last few years, it’s amazed me how much time I actually have to pray – times in addition to personal devotions and before meals. Those times when I am doing something that does not require mental participation can become opportunities to offer thanksgiving and intercede for others before the Throne. Here are ten times that might just be chances to commune more with the Lord in prayer, as you already have the time and likely won’t be interrupted:

• during a commute
• folding or ironing laundry
• washing dishes
• trying to fall asleep (again) at night
• mowing the lawn
• cleaning the bathroom
• eating lunch in your office
• feeding the baby at night
• weeding the garden
• working out (it’s possible to pray even when you can’t breathe)

Because my mind (and spirit!) is often lazy, it can be difficult to think of things to pray for. A pastor I know keeps a list of people, congregations and places divided into seven groups; by praying through it during the week he is able to pray for all his family, friends, other churches, missionaries, political situations, etc.. Keeping your own list handy, maybe taped inside a kitchen cupboard or a laundry room wall or a car glove box or beside the treadmill, can help you remember friends, family and situations that need prayer (and don’t we all?). That example has certainly helped me make time for consistent prayers of thanksgiving and intercession. And that’s a start in developing a healthy prayer life!