The PK Parishioner (4)

church doorsAlthough there can be hard things about being an adult pastor’s kid in a church not pastored by your father, being a pk in different congregation can also be a blessing. Here are some of the perks I’ve discovered.

First, you know what the ministry is like. You understand what life is like for your pastor’s family like few other people can and so you can pray for them accordingly. You might not even talk to them much, but you pick up on vibes, clues, or just common pk knowledge, and pray in a more informed way than you would be able to if you had not grow up in a pastor’s home. It will be a blessing to their ministry even if they are unaware of it.

And hard as it can be to have to earn the trust of a congregation, it’s good for you. When you are the new member and nobody knows your dad, you can’t rest on your pk laurels. Nobody is going to try and make friends with you because you are the pk. Nobody is going to think well of you just because you are the pk. You are, in a way, on your own. Your reputation is now your responsibility, and you will have to pick up the slack where you discover it.

Being a pk parishioner also enriches your perspective of the Christian life. You are being broadened, viewing another man’s ministry, hearing fresh modes of exposition, seeing how the saints function as a body in another congregation.

Part of that broadened perspective is an increased knowledge of people, and new situations in which to use that knowledge. The pastorate has a huge amount of people related work to it. Pastor’s kids often learn a lot about personalities and character traits. As an adult, you can draw on all of that people experience, process it in a mature way, and build on it as you get to know a new congregation. Understanding people is a massive boost to ministering personally to them.

And being in a congregation that is not pastored by your father is sanctifying. All the hard things that I mentioned in the last post are exposing sin or testing our character. It’s not comfortable to have your ecclesiastical rough edges ground off, but the Lord wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t necessary. If you had been holy and fruitful enough in your father’s church, perhaps you would still be there.

So if you are a fellow pk parishioner, take heart. It’s not all bad. There is actually much good to it. God will also use the hard things to sanctify you so that you can bring Him glory. And as you know, that’s actually your chief end.