Changing Pace

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

We’ve been blogging here at The Christian Pundit for a year now, most of that time with five new posts a week. We’ve been surprised and encouraged to see the blog grow in steady readership from all over the globe. Yet, as an extra in life it has been something of a breathless pace. After sitting back to reevaluate and prioritize our stage of life and ministry we’ve decided to slow the pace and scale back in this area.

More and more, we see people getting much of their spiritual food and fellowship online. While canned sermons, articles and blog posts are good supplements to a healthy soul’s appetite, they are no substitute for face-to-face fellowship, mentoring, discussion, and prayer. Sometimes we are tempted to squeeze other things in life in order to pump out posts here: hospitality isn’t as frequent as it could be, devotions aren’t as long as we’d like, and the kids have to wait five minutes before we do something together. That’s not to say that blogging is bad; it’s to rearrange priorities.

Because as good as blogging can be, is not a command from the Lord. But being constant in prayer, hiding the Word in our hearts, teaching our children, practicing hospitality (especially to the saints), and preaching the Word are. The time that we took in the past year to blog here will hopefully be used to do those things more than we are right now. We’re cutting back on a legitimate optional in order to focus more on the mandatory: more in-person fellowship with local saints, more time in the Word, with our children, and each other. Five posts a week take 5-10 hours: that’s more than enough to make a meal for someone and pray for them.

Often, things like blogging which can seem very productive on the surface are much more appealing uses of time than unquantifiable investment in talks with the kids and folks in the church and seminary. But it’s those one-on-one relationships that shape people and families. It’s easier to blog to a faceless mass than it is to pray, or help another church member to sort out an issue or offer encouragement, but specific, thoughtful, local fellowship will make the church a much deeper place. We see very clearly, especially in the book of Acts, believers in the Bible being busy ministering to the people around them. Yes, they wrote letters, but the people around them benefited most from their time and love. Blogging and ministering aren’t antithetical and can certainly be partners, but we’d like more time to invest in the lives of people whom we know and with whom we live, and to grow more ourselves in preparing our own souls for eternity.

A few people, like Tim Challies, can blog every day and still have time for everything else. Blogging is part of their calling, recognized and supported by the local church. Blogging and other online ministry can be a huge ministry and reach people who would otherwise not come across good content. It can reach people in spiritual isolation: even this small blog has been read in well over a hundred countries in a few months – some of them, like Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, and Columbia, places where the gospel is very restricted and Christian literature is difficult to find. But we just can’t see the once-a-day pace keeping up long term here.

We’ll continue to blog once or twice a week, in addition to working on off-line writing projects. Every now and then we’ll also have a guest piece. We welcome you to keep surfing by; if you want an easy way to keep up with our more occasional new posts, you can either like our facebook page, or add your email to follow the blog in the side column. And if you’re in town, let us know – maybe we can find time for coffee.