Resources on Grief

Al Martin’s book, Grieving, Hope, and Solace, is a helpful book in dealing with loss of a loved one. Coming out of his grief after the death of his first wife, it is a biblical aid in dealing with deep mourning.

Death in the Home is B. M. Palmer’s account of the deaths in his own home: daughters, wife, mother-in-law. Each death is different, and so his response to each is different, offering varied views of his response to varied experiences of mourning. It is also helpful in giving direction to someone caring for someone who is dying.

Nancy Guthrie’s talk at the Gospel Coalition’s women’s conference is also very valuable, for someone who is grieving, and for someone caring for a parent, friend, or fellow believer who is mourning a deep loss.

Each of these resources is from the heart, biblical, and deeply moving, showing that the Lord does not waste anything, and keeps all our tears in His bottle.