Tracking, Web Use, and Omniscient Omnipresence

If you are reading this, someone is tracking you. As Gary Kovacs points out in this helpful TED talk, we are all leaving trails of information about our personal lives that other people use, and make money off of.

Aside from making me think through internet use as a parent, what Gary said made me wonder more at how immense God must be. To Him, every person is not leaving a trail of information that He will use, but lies open and exposed before Him, part of His providential plan to make the number of the elect complete and bring glory to Himself. Web trackers can follow the 30 million people with internet access while they are online. God knows every single thing about every single one of seven billion people on planet Earth. Unlike the online stalkers, God is using His knowledge of us to further His perfect plan – for ultimate good. He is also keeping a record of each of our actions and will judge us accordingly (Rev. 20:12).

What does your information – on and off line – say about your spiritual condition? How will your web use impact your eternity? We will be judged according to our works. But while your web record exists in an unalterable state until the end of the internet, the record of your life can be covered over by the perfect life that Christ has already lived, and it can become a testimony to His grace, even to the people tracking your web use.