Ecclesiastical Architecture

We’ve received questions about sources on the connection between theology and church architecture. They are scarce in the Protestant world, and as far as I am aware, Bruggink and Droppers Christ and Architecture is the best (and most recent) resource out there.

Often, the best sources are church buildings themselves, especially older ones that have not been changed too much, or have been restored to their original condition. If you really want to see the connection between the theology and architecture of a particular building, the ideal is to contact the church archivist (or sometimes an archivist in a university or public library if the building is an important or historic one in the city), and get out the original blueprints, statements of faith, and the minutes of elders’ or building committee meetings and see how what the people believed worked itself out in the sanctuary. It is especially telling to look at alterations and the minutes behind them to see how the sanctuary changed as the congregation’s theology morphed.

A sample bibliography from a study of the architecture and theology in four congregations in London, Ontario, is included below as an example. Some of the sources will be specific to the location and are included merely as examples; others would be useful to anyone seeking to understand a particular denominational architectural style and view of worship.

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