Shower Up-Grade

At some point, the congregation where I grew up had a great idea. They decided to re-examine what they were doing at baby and bridal showers given by the congregation to brides and new mothers.

Here were times where all ages and stages of women got together, and while the food was always great and the games were fun, we really could be redeeming the time a little better. We were willing to help a woman at a new stage of life prepare materially by giving her gifts, and had a brief devotional but we weren’t doing much at the shower to help her prepare spiritually for her new calling.

So the church women started incorporating a major Titus 2 element to showers. Sometimes they invite a local Christian wife/mother to speak to the group, specifically to the bride or new mother, on marriage or motherhood. Or they have a panel of wives/mothers of different ages and stages from the congregation to answer questions (chosen by the hostesses) that would be helpful to the guest of honour.

The talks and Q&A sessions have been on different aspects of biblical womanhood, often chosen to fit the experience or interests of the bride. We have heard about regrets from older women, careers and motherhood, goals for a godly wife, examples from church history, and many other topics. Often, at the end of the evening, the speaker or panel will give the guest of honour a paper copy of their talk or answers so they can have it on hand for future reference and study.

This approach to blessing a bride or new mother materially and spiritually has been incredibly helpful, not only for the brides and new mothers, but for everyone there. It allows the older women to share their wisdom, blesses everyone with reminders of God’s calling on our lives as women, and gives the evening a distinctly spiritual focus.

It’s great to laugh together, enjoy delicious food, and celebrate the upcoming marriage or birth, but it is appropriate at these times to learn more about our God-ordained roles and look to Christ who enables us to fulfill them.