The Pastor’s Wife

There’s a renewed interest in the non-role of the pastor’s wife. At the seminary where my husband teaches, faculty wives lead a course of classes for student wives whose husbands are headed for the ministry. In January, we listened to Al Martin’s three talks to pastors’ wives on how they should be thinking about being married to the preacher. Starting with misconceptions, Martin also gives some helpful counsel and more counsel.

If you are a member of a congregation, it might be helpful for you to listen to the series, not only to understand where your pastor’s wife is coming from, but also to understand the issues which she and her husband deal with.

If you are a pastor, you might want to listen to these and bless your wife by understanding and encouraging her as she serves as your helpmeet, and pick up some tips yourself from a veteran pastor.

And if you are a pastor’s wife, maybe you want to listen to them yourself to be challenged, corrected, encouraged and pointed to Christ.