Facebook Re-think

I deleted my facebook account last year. It was sucking way too much time, and created too big a temptation to “share” too much and think too much about myself. I was also a wee bit weary of starting every morning with the details of other people’s lives. “New bathroom looks amazing after all my work”, “Walking the dog – too bad about the weather”, “The government is ruining the country”, and similar statuses were depressing. Here were hundreds of believers, and all we could do was boast, complain about circumstances, point out the bad going on in the world, or laugh about bacon (or people who don’t eat it).

So here is an exercise to bring out the potential in facebook. For the next two weeks, see if you can only post statuses that are:

a) a Bible verse
b) an item of praise or thankfulness from your life that directs readers’ gaze away from you to God
c) an link to an encouraging blog post, article, or sermon
d) a quote that will spiritually bless readers

When I was still a facebook citizen I tried to stick to those guidelines for a while, and it changed not only the way I used facebook, but also made me more conscious of being deliberately encouraging and spiritually focused. If a few hundred people did it, it could be a huge witness to thousands of unbelievers.