What My Mother Did (5/5)

The fifth major thing I want to imitate in my mother’s parenting is her praying. She knew that all the wonderful things she did could not save us, so she was frequently before the throne of grace asking for God’s blessing on her use of means for our salvation.

I think she prayed for us more than she disciplined us (something we frequently needed). One afternoon, we were all out on the porch, bickering and fighting about something petty. Suddenly, Mum was there, looking not very happy with all of us, and we fell silent. We weren’t repentant, just sullen and expecting to be told to file inside to separate rooms. Instead, Mum said, “I’ve been listening to you hating each other out here and I’m going inside to pray for you.” Silence. Guilt. Repentance – which I am sure was an answer to her prayer.

My mother worked like our salvation depended on her – she did everything she could to bring us to Christ. But she prayed even more because she knew that apart from God’s blessing on His appointed means, she was helpless in her mothering.

No mother on earth, no matter how wonderful, can give her children what they most need – new hearts. But every believing mother can plead God’s covenant promises on her children’s behalf. And praise the Lord: He delights to keep His covenant, that it may ever stand (Ps. 111:5). So often He answers the prayers of godly parents, bringing sinful little people to saving faith. “He fulfills the desire of those who fear him; he also hears their cry and saves them.” (Ps. 145:19)