What is Man?

A reflection by John ‘Rabbi’ Duncan (1796-1870), converted from atheism to faith in Christ, and a life of gospel service:

“Here we are, with the heavens above our heads. What are we? Men. How came we to be men? What is man? How came he to be? And to be as he is? We are on the earth, and the beasts can’t ask any questions; the heavens are above us, and the eagle soaring into them can’t ask any questions. ‘In the beginning God created’ — man is God’s image on earth; man, the divinely-formed microcosm, of the dust of the earth and the breath of God. Dust connects him with this earth, with the whole solar system, with the whole mass of matter… We differ from it by formation: God put his hand to us; he made the rest by His Word. We were made in Adam before he sinned; we were therefore connected with God and with the whole world of spirits.”

John M. Brentnall, ‘Just A Talker’ Sayings of John (‘Rabbi’) Duncan (Banner of Truth, 1997).