Praying for Children

Pray with parents whose children are a great concern to them or have become a grief to them.

Lord, give parents the desire of their souls concerning their children, which is to see them walking in the truth. Form Christ in them at a very early age. Let their children know and love you, the God of their fathers. Inspire them to serve you with their whole heart and with a willing mind. Let children be pointed in the right direction as arrows in the hands of their parents, that the parents may count themselves happy to have a quiver full of them. Let children never be arrows that pierce the hearts of their own parents. 2 John 4; Gal. 4:19; I Chron. 28:9; Psa. 127:4, 5.

Let foolish children that are the constant grief of their father and the heavy burden of the one that gave them birth be brought to repentance. Turn from his folly the child whose eye mocks his father and scorns obedience to his mother, before the raven plucks it out. Let the profligate son who has been so unprofitable now be beneficial to everyone he happens to meet. Turn the hearts of the children so that they love and respect their fathers. Let the disobedient come to respect the wisdom of the just, so that may be a people ready, prepared for your coming. Make those who have presumed to make themselves great clearly understand the evil of their deeds and their sins. Open their eyes so they hear correction and turn away from their iniquity. Prov. 17:25, 30:17; Philem. 11; Mal. 4:6; Luke 1:17; Job 36:9-10.

From Matthew Henry, A Way to Pray (Banner of Truth, 2010).