Ask an Older Woman Questions (7/7)

Questions for every stage:

Your relationship with the Lord:
– Does the way I live bring glory to God?
– How can I enjoy God more?
– What should I do to pray more and better?
– Is there a Bible-reading “programme” that helped you study Scripture better?
– Do you see me disobeying God in anything?
– Do I seem dependent on anything or anyone besides Christ?
– Is there anything about my behaviour that brings dishonor to the name of Christ?
– How do you prepare to celebrate the Lord’s supper?
– How can I “improve on my baptism”?
– Is love for Christ evident in my words and actions?

Your relationship with others:
– Am I living out the gospel in a way that the church and the world can see?
– How can I be a better encourager?
– Do you see me actively mentoring younger women?
– How can I love other believers in the church whom I would not naturally love or understand?
– How can I pray for the salvation of family and friends without simply repeating, “Please save so-and-so” every day?
– Am I kind?
– Is there a way I can keep a relationship from becoming “cluttered” or damaged by minor conflicts?
– Is there a point in a friendship where it is better for my soul to break it off? How can I tell?
– How can I respond in a biblical way to criticism from others?
– What ways, besides tithing, can I “care for orphans and widows in their distress”?
– Am I obsessed with family? Friends?
– I’ve been gently hinting to a friend about a sin in her life that she seems blind to. When should I frankly talk about it with her? When I do, how can I make sure my comments are “the wounds of a friend”?
– Do you see me holding resentment towards someone?
– What are some ways I can be a blessing to my church leaders and their families?
– I am suffering. How should I respond to this situation? Is there a particular way I should be praying during this?
– Do I freely give of my time, energy and money to those who need it?
– Is my conversation edifying?
– How have you ministered to your neighbors?
– What can I do to bless the souls of those around me, especially on the Lord’s day?
– What do you do when Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons come to your door?
– How can I find godly friends when I move to a new place?
– Is there someone around me who I’m not aware of that I could serve in some way?
– How can I “plug in” to a new congregation?

Personal growth:
– Am I using the gifts God gave me for His glory?
– What has most fostered spiritual growth during your life?
– In what ways do you see me living for myself instead of God?
– Do you see me growing in fruit-bearing? What fruit of the spirit should I be cultivating more deliberately?
– How do you “count your blessings”?
– What patterns of sin do you see in my life?
– Which spiritual discipline do I need to work on?
– Do you see me being consistently joyful?
– How can I keep my motives pure when I fast?
– What idols do you see in my life? How can I tear them down?
– Am I resting in the Lord’s providences?
– How can I stop worrying?
– Am I creating the impression that I am better than I really am? In other words, am I hypocritical?
– Do you see me being devoted to good works? With a biblical prioritization?
– How has God taught you to number your days?
– How can I fight feelings of inadequacy and discouragement?
– Do I exaggerate?
– Can I be trusted in everything?
– Am I self-pitying or self-justifying?
– Do you see me living out Scripture?
– Am I obsessed with clothes?
– Are there any habits in my life I need to break or get under control?
– Do I seem defeated in any part of my life?
– Am I jealous?
– Do I work hard?
– Is my speech critical?
– Am I irritable?
– Do I complain?
– Am I trusting? Trustworthy?
– Am I humble?
– I am afraid of the future. What should I do?
– What are you thankful you did in my stage of life?
– Is there something you wish you had done in my stage of life?
– What book was particularly meaningful or encouraging to you in my season of life?
– What is the most important thing you have done? How can I do things that are truly important?
– How do you exercise to keep up your energy and make your body more useful?
– How do you moderate what you eat and drink?
– Do you think I’m covetous?
– What can I do when I’m angry? What’s the difference between righteous anger and sinful anger?
– How can I prepare for worship?
– How can I make sure my dreams for the future are ones that accord with God’s will – ones that will be for His glory and my spiritual good?
– What do you think about cosmetic surgery? Is it wrong, or it is just a technologically advanced form of make-up?
– I feel overwhelmed by what’s going on in my life right now. How can I deal with it?
– How can I fight selfishness? Put another way, how can I cultivate selflessness?
– What comes to mind when you think of heaven? What are you looking forward to about heaven?