Ask an Older Woman Questions (6/7)

Today’s questions are for empty nesters and widows. While these stages are very different from each other, there aren’t many questions here – hopefully you’ll answer a lot more than you ask.

Your relationship with the Lord:
– I have a lot of time for personal devotions now. Is there a particular way I should be using it?
– How can I claim the Lord’s promise that He will be a husband to the husbandless?
– Are there any parts of Scripture I should be meditating on to maintain a trust in the Lord and a peace that passes understanding during this grief?

Your relationship with your husband:
– How did you encourage your husband to utilize his retirement for God’s glory?
– What ways did you enjoy getting to know your husband anew after so many years of busy marriage?
– Is there activity you enjoyed with your husband when your kids were out of the house?
– How can I care for my husband spiritually when he has a serious illness?

Your relationship with friends & family:
– How can I minister to my grandchildren when they live far away?
– What ways could I use my house and time to better serve others?
– My children are expressing concern about our ability to cope on our own. I don’t agree, but am feeling a lot of pressure. What should I do about it?
– I have lots of time to serve the church now. How can I be more involved while still being “a keeper at home”?
– How can I comfort my children after the loss of their father?
– How can I serve the church when my body is failing?
– What ways did you strengthen the relationship with your grandkids?

Personal growth:
– Do you see me succumbing to laziness or self-indulgence at all?
– How did you decide when to downsize to a smaller house or apartment?
– I am often lonely, even in crowds of people. What can I do about it?
– I dread waking up in the mornings and coming home from places because these times emphasize the emptiness in my life. How can I overcome this?
– How can I guard my heart against becoming emotionally involved with someone simply because I’m so lonely?
– How have you adapted your living to a reduced income?
– How have you remained cheerful and content during illness?
– What ways can I “set my house in order” before I die?