“From a Very Child…”

“The work of God’s grace in Timothy commenced with early instructions — ‘From a child thou hast known the Holy Scriptures.’

Note the time for instruction. The expression, ‘from a child,’ might be better understood it we read it, ‘from a very child;’ or, as the Revised Version has it, ‘from a babe.’ It does not mean a well-grown child, or youth, but a child just rising out of infancy. From a very child Timothy had known the sacred writings. This expression is, no doubt, used to show that we cannot begin too early to imbue the minds of our children with Scriptural knowledge.

Babes receive impressions long before we are aware of the fact. During the first months of a child’s life it learns more than we imagine. It soon learns the love of its mother, and its own dependence; and if the mother be wise, it learns the meaning of obedience and the necessity of yielding its will to a higher will. This may be the keynote of its whole future life. If it learn obedience and submission early, it may save a thousand tears from the child’s eyes, and as many from the mother’s heart. A special vantage-ground is lost when even babyhood is left uncultured.” – Charles Spurgeon