Ask an Older Woman Questions (5/7)

There aren’t as many questions for older women as younger ones; by the time you have been a mother for a decade or so, you already know how to ask questions. But here are a few ideas to talk about with an older woman for mothers with older children:

Your relationship with the Lord:
– How can I keep my children’s schedules from shortening my quiet time, especially since they are up early and go to bed late?
– What ways did you learn to “trust in the Lord with all your heart” with teenagers in the house – or out of it?
– How do I keep from being routine in my devotions when there are so many mental pressures?

Your relationship with your husband:
– What is something about your parents’ marriage that you are thankful for?
– My husband is considering a career change and it’s kind of scaring me. How can I be submissive and supportive here?
– I feel like my marriage is on “maintenance mode”: nothing’s really wrong, but I’m not excited about it. What should I do?
– I’m feeling resentment toward my husband because I feel like the way he deals with our child just pushes them further into rebellion. What can I do about it?

Your relationship with your kids:
– What helped you deal with a rebellious child?
– How can I encourage healthy independence in my kids?
– What resources did you use to teach your children about sex and sexual purity?
– How did you encourage your children to cultivate godly friendships?
– How did you and your husband decide what sports and music activities your teens should be enrolled in?
– What can I do for a friend whose child is going astray?
– My daughter seems to be obsessed with how she looks. How can I biblically address her vanity?
– How can I teach my daughter to guard her heart against becoming attached to a young man who has shown no interest in her?
– My child is interested in someone who is a professing believer, but who I don’t think is right for them. How can I talk to my child about their romantic relationship without causing them to shut me down?
– How did you help your children to discover their gifts and use them in the church?
– How can I discipline a child who is too old to spank?
– When did you encourage your teens to get jobs? How did you shepherd them through this?
– My kids complain that they are bored, even though they have lots to entertain them. What should I do about it?
– What good books did your boys enjoy reading?
– Where there any family “policies” regarding media access that you found helpful in teaching your children to use these tools in a godly way?
– How can I help my children deal wisely with new technologies when they know so much more about them than I do?
– How can I keep my teens accountable for their personal devotions?
– What are some family activities that your teenagers enjoyed?
– How can I encourage my daughters in modest dress and behaviour?
– How did you help your kids choose a college?
– Shepherding a son through a courting relationship is different than doing it for a daughter. How did you do it?
– How did you shepherd your children through the death of their grandparents?
– My child has left for college and I’m really missing them – I cry about it a lot. How can I “get a grip”?
– What do you think about people getting married when they’re still in college?
– What is something you wish you had done for or at your child’s wedding?

Your relationship with family & friends:
– My elderly parents live far away. How can I make sure they get the care they need?
– My elderly parents won’t listen to advice from their kids and it’s causing problems for them. What should I do about it?
– What encouraged you in caring for a terminally ill parent?
– My siblings are spread all over the country. Is there a good way I can continue developing my relationships with them?
– How have you built a good relationship with your daughter’s/son’s-in-law parents?
– A friend of mine has cancer. How can I minister to her?
– How can I encourage a friend whose child is going astray?
– How do I deal with other Christian parents who have different standards than we do?

Personal growth:
– What sacrifice of your mother’s are you thankful for?
– I have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep because I keep thinking about things. What should I do?
– How have you grown in joy in a difficult stage of life?