Ask an Older Woman Questions (4/7)

Questions for mother with young children to ask someone who’s done all that:

Your relationship to the Lord:
– I often feel like life is mundane – diapers, laundry, meals, cleaning, repeat without end. How can I live joyfully before the Lord?
– I feel like I don’t have time to pray anymore. What can I do about it?
– When did you find time to read the Bible when your kids were little?
– Is there a way I can get more out of a worship service?
– I have a lot of fear for my children’s safety. How can I lay this burden before the Lord and leave it there?
– Is there a way I can focus during worship that will allow me to listen to/participate in what is happening while keeping an eye on the kids?

Your relationship to your husband:
– What thing has most helped your marriage grow?
– My husband’s job is really stressful. How can I support him as he deals with this pressure?
– I’m finding it really hard to make time for dates with my husband. How did you find time when your kids were little?
– How can I make my relationship with my husband my first priority when little kids put so many demands on my time and body?
– Is there a way I can enable my husband to spend time with the kids when he gets home from work even though I feel like I need his help and attention?
– How can I encourage my husband to serve in the church?
– I feel like my husband doesn’t understand how tired I am. I don’t want to complain, but I feel like I need more help and encouragement from him. What should I do?
– When my husband gets home at the end of the day, I’m drawing on the last reserves of my patience. How can I remember to be kind to him while getting out dinner and putting the kids to bed?
– What should I do when my husband doesn’t stand up for me or show me support in front of the kids or in public?

Your relationship to your kids:
– What helped you prepare for motherhood?
– What comforted you most after a miscarriage?
– Is there a way I can prepare emotionally and spiritually for labour and delivery?
– What can I do to help my child(ren) prepare for a new sibling?
– How can I get a baby on a schedule?
– How did you teach your children to sleep through the night?
– How did you teach your children to pray?
– What discipline methods did you use in training your children? Why did you choose that particular way?
– What is something your mother did for you as a child that particularly impressed you?
– I feel like my child is making no progress in obedience. What encouraged you in trying to help a child root out a particular sin?
– My toddler is particularly disobedient at mealtimes, and it’s making eating together really unpleasant. What can I do about it?
– Nightmares are a problem for my child. How can I help them fight fear?
– One of my children seems to live in their own little world. Is there something you did that helped your children be aware of and involved with what goes on around them?
– My child is terrified of the dark. What should I do?
– We are moving to a new home. How can I minimize the transition for my kids?
– How can I make the Lord’s Day a delight for my children?
– How did you teach your children to be good hosts?
– Are my children pleasant guests?
– How old were your kids when you started giving them household chores to do? Is there a way I can balance teaching them responsibility while letting them be kids?
– How did you and your husband decide what school to send your children to?
– My kids seem to fight all the time. How can I teach them to love each other through their actions?
– How did you teach your children to sit through a worship service?
– All of my children have the flu. Is there any way I can make this time more pleasant for them?
– How did you teach your children to begin and maintain a personal, devotional life?
– What can I say to a child who is sorry they were caught, but is not truly repentant?
– One of my children has a disability/prolonged illness. How can I care for them while not neglecting my other kids?
– One of my kids is a picky eater. How can I teach them to like different foods?
– How can I help my kids to not whine?
– My kids tattle on each other all the time. What should I do about it?
– How can I encourage my children to love one another?
– How did you teach your children about death?
– What resources did you use to help your children memorize scripture?
– How did you encourage your sons to respect women?
– How can I encourage my children to maintain a close relationship with grandparents who live far away?
– How do I know if I have my child’s heart, or if they are engrossed with the things of this world?
– How can I help my child deal with a conflict with a teacher?
– How can I biblically explain divorce to my kids?
– What ways did you find to show your kids great love and affection without indulging them?
– How did you teach your kids to respond to bullies? Can I teach them to manage peer conflict on their own?
– How did you teach your kids about sex? When?
– When did you let your kids first have their own money? Were there any resources you used to train them in using it wisely?

Your relationship to family & friends:
– How can I seek wisdom from my parents on raising kids?
– My mother wasn’t a Christian. How can I separate the good mothering she did from unbiblical principles that she operated from when looking at her example?
– My parents constantly correct our parenting and it’s putting a strain on our relationship. How can we respectfully deal with the situation?
– How can I ask my parents to stop spoiling their grandkids when I know it’s bad for the kids, but just an expression of their love?
– Is there a way I can continue developing friendships when I feel like my time is already taken?
– What ways did you serve in the church with little kids to care for? Should I be involved in programmes, or just serve where I can, when I can?
– A friend of mine makes comments and jokes about her sexual relationship with her husband. There’s nothing sinful going on in it, but the comments are really inappropriate. What should I do?
– What can I do for a friend who has lost a baby?
– I have a sibling who is living in unrepentant, public sin. How should I respond?
– How can I be a good witness to the hospital staff during labor, delivery and recovery?
– Another child hurt my child and I am having trouble letting it go. How can I get over this bitterness?
– What are some ways I can help my child overcome shyness?

Personal growth:
– I am tired most of the time. Is this normal?
– Am I a “helicopter parent”?
– Is it ever right to take time for myself?
– How do I balance the desire for time fellowshipping with friends and caring for my family?
– Sunday mornings tend to be hectic. How can I prepare for worship when I’m busy getting kids fed and dressed?
– What are some ways I can improve my hosting/conversation skills?
– Do you know of any biblical resources on postpartum depression?
– What Christmas traditions did you develop to make the holidays special for your kids?
– Since I quit my job to stay at home, I’ve felt pretty isolated during the day. What can I do about it?
– Is there a way I can simplify cooking so I don’t spend all day making meals and cleaning them up?
– Am I modeling modesty for my daughters?
– Is there something I can do to make the holidays less stressful/chaotic?
– How can I reduce the amount of laundry my children produce?
– Am I too picky about how my children look?
– Do you see me allowing my children to be themselves (expressed in a godly way) or am I trying to make them into mini versions of myself?
– Do you see how my besetting sins are effecting my children? What can I do about it?
– I tend to eat foods that give me a quick energy buzz so that I can get my work done. How did you eat healthy during a busy life season?
– I feel like a good work out would help me have more stamina, but I feel like I don’t have the energy for one. Can I break this viscous cycle?