Ask an Older Woman Questions (3/7)

“Seed questions” for courting and newly married women:

Your relationship with the Lord:
– How do I know what the will of God is regarding the person I’m interested in?
– What encouraged you to stay focused on the Lord when you were busy planning a wedding?
– Is there something about this stage of life that helped you understand the character of God better?

Your relationship with your fiancé/husband:
– How do you know when you’ve found Mr. Right?
– What did you wish your mother had told you about sex before you were married?
– Do you think that the young man I’m seeing is someone who would be a faithful husband and a godly father? Is there anything about him that troubles you?
– How can I tell my boyfriend that I’m not a virgin?
– Is there something you did while courting that helped develop your relationship on a spiritual level?
– How can I submit to my husband when he makes a decision I disagree with?
– What has encouraged or helped you in resolving conflicts with your husband?
– How can I be a helpmeet to my husband when long-term illness prevents me from serving him in the way I want to?
– How do I deal with different levels of desire for intimacy in a marriage and the conflict that this brings?
– How do I overcome shyness in speaking to my husband about intimacy?
– Does being a “helpmeet” mean that I can’t work outside the home?

Your relationship with family & friends:
– What encouraged you to seek your parents’ advice and authority during a romantic relationship?
– Am I honouring my parents by the way I speak and behave?
– Is there something I can do that would enable me to serve the church when I tend to be absorbed by this relationship?
– How can I be involved with my siblings at this stage of life?
– A friend of mine is marrying someone who is not a Christian. Should I go to the wedding?
– How can I encourage my parents while they care for their failing parents?

Personal growth:
– Do you think I am behaving in a pure way in this relationship? Are we too involved physically?
– What did you most enjoy about wedding planning?
– Is there something you wish you had done at your wedding?
– Are there any good resources on birth control from a biblical perspective?
– What do you think about “family planning”?
– What is the best thing you’ve read on being a godly wife? What made it the best?
– How can I make my house a pleasant place for my husband to come home to?
– I’m homesick. What can I do about it?
– Is there a particular budgeting tip that helps you handle your family’s finances more effectively?
– Are there any resources that can encourage me in childlessness?
– How can I be fruitful when raising children is at the top of the list of “good works” for godly women in I Timothy 5:10 and I have none?