A Warning for American Evangelicalism

This quote contains not only an explanation of Islams’ roots, but also one reason for its rapid spread – a church grown decadent, “lured from its goal”:

“Muhammed of course was not a Nestorian Christian, but if the conclusions reached…in this volume, are generally accepted, it means that we must not look for Muhummad’s inspirational ideas in some hidden corner, but in the midst of the daily religious thought and practice of the great Nestorian church.

Islam did not arise in a backwater from some obscure Judaic Christian sect, but arose in the full stream of the religious life of western Asia. The rapid incursions of Islam into Persia, Syria and central Asia must no longer be looked upon as the impact of an entirely new set of ideas. The way for its triumph had been prepared from the first through the expansion and then alas! through the failure and decadence of Nestorian Christianity… Weakened by persecution, lured from its true goal by compromise, and exterminated by ruthless savagery, a church once on fire for missions ceased to be an aggressive force, and left behind only the imperishable memory of its greatness.” – Samuel M. Zwemer, foreword to Nestorian Missionary Enterprise: The Story of a Church on Fire, by John Stewart [1928]