Ask an Older Woman Questions (2/7)

For single, university aged women:

Your relationship with the Lord:
– How can I glorify God when choosing a college? What factors should I consider?
– Do you know of a way I can be consistent in my devotions when my school schedule is different every day?
– What do you think is the biggest obstacle to walking close to the Lord while I’m at school?

Your relationship with your parents:
– How can I remain under my parents’ authority when I don’t live at home?
– What ways should I be seeking my parents advice and input when I live in a separate place?
– Do I show my parents respect?
– How can I “rise up and call my mother blessed”?
– My parents are constantly talking about prospective boyfriends for me. I want to be married but don’t see any godly men who are interested in me and the comments are frustrating. How can I deal with this?

Your relationship with family & friends:
– A close friend of mine has a boyfriend and rarely spends time with me anymore. I’m feeling left out and don’t know what to do about it.
– How can I respectfully challenge my professors in the classroom?
– It’s hard finding friends on a secular campus. Is there a way to find other believers to fellowship with?
– How can I practice hospitality in a dorm room or apartment?
– All my friends are married and I feel like the leftover. How can I keep up my relationships with them without being bitter?
– How can I get involved in the local church as a single?

Personal growth:
– What helped your daughter stay accountable (for devotions, purity, etc.) when she was at school?
– I hear a lot of ideas in class that conflict with what I’ve been taught is right. Is there someone I can go to who can discuss things with me from a Christian perspective?
– The food in the cafeteria really tempts me to over eat and eat poorly. Are there any biblical incentives to control this area of my life?
– How did you celebrate graduation?
– I really want to be married. What encouraged you in waiting for your husband?
– What sort of job should I look for after graduation?
– Since I don’t have a family and am working, how can I maximize the use of my time?
– How should I handle my finances in a way that would glorify God and wisely serve the church?