Food and Prayer

Charles Wesley is known for being Christianity’s most prolific hymn writer. But the church today uses relatively few of them. Among those solid hymns are ones thanking the Lord for His provision of food, before and after meals. Full of allusions to Scripture, prayers like this can help shape our thinking about meal times and our own prayers before and after we receive God’s gift of food:

“Father, our eyes we lift to Thee,
And taste our daily bread:
‘Tis now Thy open hand we see,
And on Thy bounty feed.

‘Tis now the meaner creatures join
Richly Thy grace to prove;
Fulfil Thy primitive design,
Enjoy’d by thankful love.

Still, while our mouths are fill’d with good,
Our souls to Thee we raise;
Our souls partake of nobler food,
And banquet on Thy praise.

Yet higher still our farthest aim;
To mingle with the blest,
To’ attend the marriage of the Lamb
And heaven’s eternal feast.” [circa 1760]