Do You Love as You are Loved?

Listening to the preaching of the Word Sunday evening I was convicted again of the great love of Christ for me, wanting His gracious love to increasingly saturate my life, overflowing through my words and actions. While meditating on this, and surfing a few good websites I came across a stirring testimony of God graciously enabling Christ-like love in a deeply difficult situation.

Francis Nigel Lee was a minister of the gospel who served in South Africa, the United States, and later as a pastor and theologian in Australia. Born in 1934, he died December 23, 2011. This was one of the stories of God’s grace in his life:

“In April 1994, I was invited to fly round the world and expound the Lord’s Prayer in the USA during September. Having acquired the plane ticket, as an only child I was much looking forward to visiting my parents in Barrydale (near Swellendam in South Africa) on my way from Australia to America.

However, in July 1994, my father (almost 86) was robbed and left for dead in his home. My mother (having lost her mind and the use of some of her bodily functions) was permanently hospitalised. One week after being assaulted, my father died in hospital and went to be with the Lord.

Upon my arrival in South Africa in September, I headed for Swellendam (where my mother is still in hospital). There, I was amazed that the police had apprehended a young man in connection with the death of my father, and that the young man had signed a statement alleging that he alone had attacked my father. I also learned that my father, before dying, had given a description to the police of the young man (which description is altogether in harmony with the appearance of the accused) and that the latter was being held in jail precisely in Swellendam, while awaiting his preliminary trial just one week after my own arrival there.

I immediately contacted the jail, requesting permission to come and speak to the accused (of whom it is alleged that he had killed also someone else even before attacking my father). The police warmly supported my request, but informed me the accused had the right to refuse to see me. He, however, being told who I was, agreed and even requested to meet with me.”

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