Ask an Older Woman Questions (1/7)

Today’s questions are for high school students living at home to ask an older woman in their life.

Your relationship with the Lord:
– How did your girls develop a good habit of personal devotions?
– It’s hard to “go to my closet” and be alone to pray in my house. How can I develop a healthy prayer life when I share a bedroom?
– I feel really distracted from the “things of God” by all the stuff around me. How can I make God’s glory my first concern when I tend to focus on what I can see and touch?

Your relationship with your parents and siblings:
– Do you think I speak and behave respectfully to my parents? How can I grow in this?
– Do you see me accepting my parents’ correction with grace and humility?
– How can I submit to my parents when I have increasingly different opinions (on secondary issues) than theirs?
– My parents aren’t happy with a friendship I’ve developed. What should I do about it?
– Is there something I can do to make it easier for my dad and mom to lead and teach me?
– How can I show appreciation to my parents for the many things they do for me?
– How can I minister to my siblings?
– I feel like I live in the shadow of an older sibling. What can I do about it?
– Am I kind to my siblings?
– One of my siblings is behaving in ways that I think are ungodly, but my parents either don’t notice or don’t care. How can I biblically minister to my sibling?
– Am I a godly example to my siblings?
– How can I involve my younger siblings in my recreational time?

Your relationship with other family and friends:
– Do you see me using my gifts to bless my family?
– What ways did your kids serve their grandparents?
– How can I respect my grandparents when increasing infirmity makes them do foolish or funny things?
– I have a friend who makes it really easy for me to gossip. How can I maintain my relationship with her while not sinning with my tongue?
– How can I encourage my friends in godliness?
– Are there any verses in the Bible that I can memorize to help me stand up to peer pressure?

Personal growth:
– How can I fight moodiness?
– What ways can I serve the church when I’m only in highschool?
– Is there something that encouraged you to do your schoolwork “as unto the Lord”?
– Am I speaking and behaving in a way that helps young men treat me “as a sister, with all purity”?
– I struggle with eating in a balanced way; I love food but I’m afraid I’ll be fat. What should I do about it?
– How can I minister to others through communication/social media (facebook, twitter, texting)?
– Do you think I dress modestly?
– I have a part-time job. How can I witness to my co-workers?
– What’s something you appreciated in a babysitter?
– Why is it important to have biblical standards for movies I watch?
– What sort of music did you let your kids listen to? Why?
– What did you do for your high school grad?