One of the blessings of communion of the saints is mutual correction in love. A reader brought to my attention that my post on God’s Gracious Law, while it did note three aspects of the continuing use of the moral law: (1) conviction of God’s holiness and our sin; (2) pointing us to Christ, the fulfillment of the law; (3) the law as rule or guide for thankful Christian living, it did not fully state the three-fold use of the law in the way historically understood in Reformed thought.

The post, now corrected, reflects that the original (1) and (2) given are actually two parts of one of the three uses. Taking that as the first, the missing second was… “to restrain sin and promote righteousness in society.” Intended by this is that God’s law serves both through conscience and civil governance, even in a fallen world, to act as a partial restraint of sin, and brings a partial measure of justice, prior to the final judgement.

Dangers of a fast-paced, often individual or small group world of blogging, facebooking, and other social media include easily publishing errors — but there is a corresponding potential blessing — by grace being able to receive and make correction just as quickly.