A Praying Family

The quote below is an encouraging demonstration of how God can and does use prayer through generations of believers. The example of a praying father or grandfather can reverberate through centuries:

“Knox’s praying legacy extended for generations in Scotland. His youngest daughter, Elizabeth, married John Welch, a man, like his father-in-law, who became famous for his preaching and praying. The Welch home was filled with ‘earnest and familiar talking with God,’ and it was always audible and often loud. Welch would rise in the middle of the night to pray, and Elizabeth, fearing he would catch cold, would rise and cover her kneeling husband with a plaid for warmth…

Her husband spent so much time kneeling in prayer on cold stone prison floors that in the last years of his life he lost all feeling in his knees. His praying grandson, the covenanter John Welch, great-grandson of Knox, was found after his death to have calluses on his knees as hard as ox horn.” – Douglas Bond, The Mighty Weakness of John Knox