Books for Little Kids (1/3)

Board books can be engaging and beautiful. Here are some of our favourites:

Bear and Boat, by Cliff Wright, and the other Bear and…books have beautiful watercolour illustrations. Sweet stories introduce numbers, colours, etc., have a little suspense, but all end happily.

Zoe’s Rainy Day, Zoe’s Sunny Day, Zoe’s Windy Day, and Zoe’s Snowy Day illustrate, using Plasticine, the four seasons in suburban Ontario, Canada. Nearly wordless, they show Zoe going for walks with her parents in rain or shine, relating the little adventures that preschoolers have in an ordinary day.

Shirley Hughes’ stories in board book form can entertain toddlers and their older siblings. Some of the best are Chatting and Giving. Without glossing over the nasty bits of childhood, like a scratch from the cat, or a spat with a sibling, they capture the tender moments that every parent treasures.

Babies on the Move, if you can find it, is a great exploration of infant travel modes, from Canada to south east Asia. My kids couldn’t read it enough.

Christian Focus also has dozens of board books for little people – from parables to colours to the birth of Christ.