“I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” (Psalm 34:4)

“In 1945 President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill gave half of Europe to Stalin at the Yalta Agreement. With horror we heard over night that we were on the wrong side of that line that divided Europe in two. And that we were left to the mercy of the Russians. It took the Russians three years to build up a communist apparatus in Romania. By 1948 secret police apparatus was there, the country was surrounded by barbed wire. We were trapped, and the terror began…”

Josef Tson, a Romanian Baptist pastor, ministered under the anti-Christian persecution of the Ceausescu communist regime in the 1970’s; in more recent years he has moved in a charismatic direction, leading to divergence from his denominational Baptist confession, and dismissal from his denomination. Despite these more recent difficulties, his ministry, both early on in Romania, and his speaking engagements in the 1980’s and following in America were profoundly influential — causing many to rethink their cultural and life assumptions in the West.

In this vintage quality, accent laden 50 minute recording, Tson grippingly narrates God’s gracious, convicting and vision changing work in his life, strengthening him to experience freedom in Christ even under a brutal totalitarian regime. While the American audience laughs a little too often, this is one of the most valuable non-sermon addresses I’ve heard.

To download the mp3 to go: Tson on Freedom and Fear