Tyndale on Bible Reading

A few great, updated quotes from William Tyndale (c.1494-1536) on reading the Bible (he would have wanted them in the vernacular..):

“It is not enough to just read and talk about the Bible; we must desire, and ask God, every day, to open our eyes, and make us understand and feel why he is giving us this Scripture passage, so that it will be applied.”

“Scripture is a light and shows us the true way of what to do and what to hope for.”

“Stick to the text and plain story, work to grasp the full meaning of everything in it, and note everything in it as being directly relevant to your own heart and soul.”

“The New Testament was always there, even from the beginning of the world. There were always promises of Christ to come, from the beginning of the Old Testament. By faith in these promises the elect were justified before God.”

William Tyndale, Prologues to the Five Books of Moses. [1530]